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We have extra health & safety measures to safeguard our clients and ourselves.  We kindly ask our clients to comply with the following guidance when they have an appointment to ensure everyone's health:

We ask clients to...

  • Wash hands/use hand sanitiser prior to treatment

  • Wear a face mask for certain treatments.

  • Leave internal doors in your home open to minimise therapist contact with door handles.

  • If you or anyone in the household is showing symptoms of COVID-19 please rearrange your appointment

  • Please follow social distancing rules (except when necessary during treatment).  This means that when your therapist has PPE on (face mask & face visor) it is acceptable to be 1 metre away but without PPE it has to be a distance of 2 metres.

  • Ask other household members/visitors to stay out of the room during the treatment.  We need to limit the number of people we come in to contact with so please ensure that any other people present are in a different room (unless they are a carer, parent, or guardian).

  • Open a window if possible to allow ventilation.

  • Pay by card or bank transfer if possible (we can accept exact amount of cash as payment if needed).

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